No matter what your dispute, Affirmative Mediations can assist you with convening a mediation at a mutually agreeable time, location and at a cost acceptable to you and the person or entity you are in dispute with. If you have a solicitor and / or barrister you are able to bring them also, or mediate yourself – it is entirely up to you. Alternatively, we are able to arrange suitable facilities anywhere in Australia.

If time, geographical constraints or a raft of other reasons make it difficult for you to hold a mediation in person, we are even able to utilise a specifically designed online platform so that you can mediate online. Typically with family law / matrimonial disputes (parenting and property disputes), parties wish to remain apart so as to avoid any power imbalance difficulties that may arise. In these instances online mediation can be useful for the parties also.

It is as simple as using our booking form, and with a few details we will be in a position to assist you with resolving your dispute.

Without limiting the areas of dispute capable of resolution by mediation, Affirmative Mediations is able to assist you arranging a mediator with respect of the following areas: