Are you in a different location from the person or organisation you are in dispute with? Or, are you fearful / want to remain distant from the other party? If so, your Mediation can potentially occur by telephone / video-conferencing.


Considering mediating online?

Generally speaking, negotiating in person or “around the table” is considered to be the most effective method of negotiation. However, in may circumstances this is not in the parties best interest or reasonably practicable.

The term “power imbalance” describes the situation where one party feels that the other has the “upper hand” or is in a superior negotiating position, affecting the ability of the less dominate person to see matters clearly and negotiate effectively. Sometimes this is just a perceived weakness,  although usually the disadvantage to the “weaker” party’s position is the same.

One example of where a power imbalance invariably exists is in the case of matrimonial disputes involving domestic violence. In nearly all instances of matrimonial disputes, mediation is conducted by “shuttle mediation”, where the parties do not come into contact but the mediator “shuttles” in between each party taking with he or she the various offers and comments (as permitted by the party disclosing them).

Therefore, in such circumstances online mediation is considered a useful process. Where violence is an issue, bringing the parties together is rarely (if ever) a sensible decision.

Additionally, online mediation is useful when the parties negotiating are from other ends of the country, or abroad and administrative / logistical details make it hard to convene everyone around the one table. Obviously, it can can also reduces costs.

All you need is a computer with a microphone and camera – even an iPad is suitable for online mediation. When deciding whether or not online mediation is right for you, please familiarise yourself with the particular technology being employed by your respective mediator and ensure you understand any limits / restrictions with it so that you can make an informed decision as to whether it is suitable for you.

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“I was sceptical at first, but the process was very easy and we didn’t have to travel.”
Jeff (Bondi Junction, Sydney)
“My ex-husband was quite violent during the relationship and I just didn’t feel safe meeting with him. He always said he would destroy me financially so I knew I’d never be able to get a word in. Mediating online mean I could have my support network around me and be in the comfort and safety of my own home. It made it much, much easier. Thanks!”
Sally (Brisbane, Queensland)
“The idea of negotiating over a computer was a little daunting but worth the attempt due to the cost that was going to be involved in flying to Sydney. It worked wonders and I would certainly do it again if needed”
Angus (Roma, Queensland)