Affirmative Mediations is an online directory of independent mediators.  Each practitioner offers differing areas of expertise and specialities  to assist with resolving your dispute – without the need for litigation (and the delays, cost and expense that comes with it). If you have a solicitor and / or barrister you are able to bring them also, or mediate yourself – it is entirely up to you. Alternatively,  suitable facilities anywhere in Australia can be arranged. Affirmative Mediations is not a business and does not enter into mediation agreements with the parties – as that is done directly with the chosen mediator. The mediators are all entirely independent from each other.

If time, geographical constraints or a raft of other reasons make it difficult for you to hold a mediation in person, you are able to mediate “online” by video conferencing. See the mediate online page for further information. Typically with family law / matrimonial disputes (parenting and property disputes), parties wish to remain apart so as to avoid any power imbalance difficulties that may arise. In these instances online mediation can be useful for the parties also.

Without limiting the areas of dispute capable of resolution by mediation, Affirmative Mediations directory includes mediators that able to assist ywith respect of the following areas: