Do you have a dispute that you have tried to resolve without success or are afraid of expensive legal fees being incurred?

Affirmative Mediations is an online directory of independent mediators. There are no associations between the mediators that appear on Affirmative Mediations directory or between the mediators and Affirmative Mediations itself. The mediators appearing on the Affirmative Mediations directory each independently enter into their own Mediation Agreements with the parties. Even though mediators are not engaged to provide legal advice, having family lawyers / divorce lawyers mediate a matrimonial dispute (such as a parenting, property or child support matter), or commercial lawyers for business / contract related matters can greatly assist with understanding the background to your particular problem and for generating options for dispute resolution in a timely and cost effective manner.

For example, our directory includes Brisbane Solicitors and Barristers as well as Gold Coast Solicitors and Barristers who specialise only in mediating insurance disputes (such as personal injury claims, income protection and life insurance matters), and who therefore better understand the intricate details to such disputes in Queensland. That said, no matter what  your dispute, a mediator is able to be arranged wherever you are located at a cost and time suitable to you.

You can even mediate online, when one or more of the parties are out of town (or internationally located) or if online mediation is more suitable to your particular dispute.


If you need…

  • a speedy resolution by avoiding court / tribunal proceedings;
  • to minimise or avoid incurring legal fees;
  • to maintain control of the outcome of your dispute;
  • to preserve an ongoing relationship with the person or organisation with whom you are in dispute;

then Mediation can assist you.

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Why Litigate when you can Mediate?

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